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Ukraine has been an independent state since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. While Ukrainians have their own ethnic identity, its limited history as a sovereign state and the presence of a substantial ethnic-Russian and Russian-speaking population, particularly in the eastern half of the country, has spurred ongoing efforts by Russia to keep Ukraine in its orbit. For decades, these efforts were largely successful; the 2004 Orange Revolution gave way to retrenchment of pro-Russian forces when Viktor Yanukovych won a narrow victory over Yulia Tymoshenko and her pro-European bloc. However, discontent ran high in subsequent years, particularly in the western half of the country, and finally, widespread anti-government protests erupted in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in November 2013.


These protests, named “Euromaidan” after their pro-European bent and the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in downtown Kiev, where the unrest originated, came in response to then-president Victor Yanukovych’s decision not to join the EU and his prior acceptance of Russia’s $15 billion bailout. To protesting Ukrainians, Yanukovych was a corrupt and autocratic pawn of Russia. In response to rising tensions, Yanukovych deployed internal security forces and passed a series of laws that severely restricted Ukrainians’ basic rights of speech and assembly. In February of 2014, as armed conflict between protesters and government forces mounted, Yanukovych was removed from his post by a vote of the Ukrainian Parliament. He fled to Crimea, and later to exile in southern Russia. Over the next several days, Crimea was seized by pro-Russian forces and annexed by Russia. While the majority of Crimea’s population of 2 million is ethnically Russian, there are significant minorities of Ukrainians and Tatars, who are generally disinclined to join the Russian Federation. Shortly after the annexation a referendum was held, asking Crimeans to decide between gaining greater autonomy within Ukraine and joining Russia. This referendum, which resulted in 95.5% of the vote in favor of joining Russia, was deemed invalid by the UN General Assembly and a broad array of international experts, since it was conducted during a Russian military occupation.


Since the annexation, there has been ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine over the status of Crimea and Ukraine’s increasing geopolitical alignment toward the West. In April 2014, low-level fighting between the Ukrainian military and Russian-backed separatist rebels in the eastern Donbass region of Ukraine escalated into an undeclared war. Solid numbers are difficult to come by, but it is widely estimated that over 10,000 civilians and combatants have been killed, primarily between April 2014 and the signing of the Minsk II ceasefire agreement in February 2015. While large-scale fighting has come to an end, occasional skirmishes break out, and tensions remain high between western Ukrainians and those in the east supplied with Russian support. Without a more permanent agreement on the status of Ukraine and its disputed territories, and some accommodation found between the two sides in what essentially amounts to a civil war, the world risks finding another Korean Demilitarized Zone on Europe’s doorstep. With many actors, a deep history, and complicated political and national allegiances among citizens, the need for UN intervention could not be more apparent. How can DISEC bring a more permanent end to the violence, and how can a peaceful solution be created and maintained?

  • Kumar
    Kumar November 10, 2018

    Saudi Arabia has maintained a good standing relationship with both Russia and Ukraine over the years. In 2007, King Abdullah met with President Putin and Saudi Arabia established an embassy in Moscow. In 2003, President Kuchma of Ukraine visited Saudi Arabia, then in 2015 President Poroshenko participated in King Abdullah’s funeral. Ukraine also has an embassy in Riyadh. As allies of both nations, we cannot interfere or show bias to either country. We cannot take military action give aid to either country. We refuse to support any acts to give military or humanitarian aid to either country in an effort to maintain a good standing relationship with both countries. We do want the wars to stop and as such we are happy to help reach a resolution between the countries or broker a deal. We will also sit in on a discussion between the two countries and support any peaceful solutions to the problems between the two countries. All in all, we want the wars to stop and will do what it takes to stop them in a peaceful manner, but we are not willing to take a stance against any country in particular in an effort to keep relations good.

  • Srees1
    Srees1 November 10, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Sreevas Ramakrishnan

    According to the article “Ukraine Crisis,” the current situation Ukraine and the Russian government has quickly escalated from a policy disagreement into a full-blown international crisis. This was one of the first violent outbreaks since the Cold War. Russia and Ukraine’s close relationship spans several decades with Crimea breaking apart from the Soviet Union in 1991. Despite gaining autonomy, Russia has maintained a sphere of influence over the Ukraine government both politically and economically. The main conflict arising in Ukraine today is related to President Viktor Yanukovych denial of an economic deal with the European Union regarding an association agreement. While the deal reached its final stages, the Ukrainian President was doubting to sign the proposed agreement. For the people of Ukraine, it was clear to them that Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, was persuading the Ukrainian President to reject the deal. In the end, the Ukrainian President rejected the deal and accepted a new agreement with Russia which gave “15 million in aid and economic benefits” to Ukraine. The discussion of Ukraine is pivotal to DISEC because of Russia’s immense influence on the nation.

    The Philippines recognized Ukraine’s independence on January 22, 1992, and formal relations began in 1997. In April 1997, a Ukrainian parliamentary delegation to Manila signed an interparliamentary cooperation agreement. Violence in Ukraine has become a growing problem due to its problems with Russia. In August 2016, Russia accused Ukraine of plotting terrorist attacks in Crimea. In response, Russia started a large war game in Crimea to further take control of the territory. This “war” slowly subsided as a truce was signed between Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian Military in September military. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, “the conflict in Ukraine risks further deterioration of U.S.-Russia relations and greater escalation if Russia expands its presence in Ukraine or into NATO countries.” From an Asian perspective, the Ukraine crisis poses the question of the future of U.S. engagement in Asia, a question crucial both to U.S. allies and to other regional countries (The Diplomat). This is good for the Philippines as Rodrigo Duterte’s foreign policy is now less dependent on the United States.

    The Philippines proposes that the United Nations work with Russia to implement the Minsk agreements and deploy UN peacekeepers in the war to reduce tensions. In addition, the UN needs to refuse the recognition of the illegal annexation of Crimea and insist on returning it to Ukraine. It means maintaining and increasing the pressure until Russia agrees to end its occupation and restore Ukrainian sovereignty in full, as called for in the Minsk agreements (Atlantis Council). The challenge of solving the Ukraine Crisis is to make Putin choose the right path. The Philippines wants the UN to call for a peacekeeping force that will negotiate with Russia and ensure the full restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

  • RTalla
    RTalla November 11, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    El Salvador
    Rushil Talla

    There are many examples of countries being split into different parts due to having two completely different views. Korea was split due to a difference in opinions on how the country should be run; communism or democracy. Another example is how Hindustan split into India and Pakistan because of bloodshed over religious conflicts between Hindus and Muslims. Similar to them is the situation in Ukraine. The eastern part of Ukraine wants to rejoin Russia whereas the western Ukrainians don’t. These differences in opinion has led to a bloody war and even when the war was supposed to end, problems continue to ensue. In the past, the problems with having two completely opposing sides to a view have been temporarily averted by splitting the country that has conflict into two different sections. The tensions between the western and eastern Ukrainians cannot endure. The random skirmishes between the two groups cause unnecessary deaths and the opposing views cause political instability in Ukraine.

    France, Russia, Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, and Germany have all had rule over another nation at some point in time. By ruling over other nations, these countries affect the nations they are ruling in bad ways such as taking wealth and resources, like how the Portuguese took gold and slaves from locations in Africa, and by changing the nations decisions to benefit the ruling country, like Britain having the trials for the soldiers involved in the Boston massacre in Britain instead of the thirteen colonies in America. Likewise, letting Russia take Ukraine is not an option because it will only lead to suffering for the people in Ukraine. El Salvador has experienced being ruled by another country in its past. From 1525 to 1821, El Salvador was under the rule of Spain. When the crown of Spain realized that El Salvador had land great for farming, he granted it to people under the terms of the encomienda system which ultimately led to the widespread abuse and forced labor of the people in the nation. One of the leading internal reasons El Salvador declared independence was because the countries local elites wanted to control the country’s affairs without any involvement or influence of the Spanish government. Also, due to the distance from Spain, corrupt officials were easily able to manipulate the rules which usually ended up poorly for the El Salvadorians.

    El Salvador proposes that the Disarmament and International Security Committee recommend Russia to withdraw its troops from the Crimean Peninsula and that Russia suspends its support for the separatist rebels in the eastern Donbass region of Ukraine. If Russia doesn’t withdraw support in all forms including military and other resources in a reasonable time frame of six months, then the Disarmament and International Security Committee should recommend that Security Council take military action to encourage Russia to stop and should support Ukraine’s government in its struggle with the rebels.

    ROK.DISEC November 12, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    The Ukraine
    Republic of Korea
    Kevin Portinga

    Since 2014, the nation of Ukraine has been engaged in a bloody civil war in the region of Donbass. One of the easternmost provinces of the Ukraine, Donbass holds one of the highest percentages of non-ethnic Ukrainian populations in the Ukraine, and has faced civil strife and feelings of isolation from the rest of the country for many years, even before the outbreak of hostilities.
    Tensions have run high between powers in the region over the conflict. Ukrainian government officials such as Valentyn Nalyvaichenko have accused the Russian Federation of directly invading the Ukraine, while Russian President Vladimir Putin has countered that only certain military specialists are deployed in Donbass, and only for defensive purposes.
    It should be clear to both sides that a military solution to the conflict is not at all feasible. Ukraine has been unwilling to mount a full-scale offensive against the separatists in Donbass, and the separatists lack the ability to advance against the government of Ukraine. Despite this, no ceasefire has been able to hold for more than six weeks, with each one being violated by one side of the conflict after a short period of time.
    According to Ertugrul Apakan, this comes largely from lack of political will on both sides to create a permanent state of peace. Any resolution passed by this assembly that does not begin to foster mutual trust in peace between all parties involved is not worth passing. Resolutions that do nothing but attack one side of the conflict or condemn one group for causing the war are simply not worth passing. The delegation of the Republic of Korea calls upon all delegations in the Disarmament and International Security Committee to work in unison in order to find a long-term solution.

  • Samray123
    Samray123 November 12, 2018

    Committee: DISEC
    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Honduras
    Delegate: Sam Ray

    Ever since 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine has been its own country. However, there has been a lot of pro-Russian feelings in the east of Ukraine, as they are ethnically Russian and speak Russian, and they want to rejoin Russia. There have been skirmishes causing civilian death between the east and west due to ethnic differences, and Russia has been supporting the east. Even though they are technically at peace because of the Minsk II agreement they still continue to battle.

    In the past, there have been many examples of one country ruling over another. Many countries in Central America were ruled over by Spain, including Honduras. Honduras gained its independence from Spain in 1821, after three centuries of being ruled by Spain. This is common all around the world in the past as well as today in Ukraine, when they split from Russia, but this is a conflict of one side going back. Honduras has never tried to go back based on their major cultural differences from Spain. In Ukraine, at least the eastern part that is, there are cultural similarities with Russia.

    Honduras suggests that DISEC tries to get the pro-Russian parts of Ukraine back to Russia by either means of transportation of the civilians who would like this, or by means of border changes. Honduras views cultural differences as a valid cause for border changes and or movement of civilian life. It is also suggested that DISEC tries to protect civilians from any violence as result of these changes.

  • MalharUAE
    MalharUAE November 13, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    United Arab Emirates
    Malhar Amin

    Ever since 1991 when Ukraine spilt from Russia there has been a long-standing grudge between the two countries. In 2014 Russia started moving self-propelled artillery onto Ukraine territory. When Russia did this, they violated Ukraine’s national sovereignty. This act is what caused the Russia Ukraine war to become a international conflict. Russia does not consider Ukraine as an independent country as he said in a 2008 NATO meeting. In 2013 due to anti-government protests, Yanukovych was run out of the country. In 2014 a ceasefire was called. Still tensions between the countries remain high and troublesome.
    United Arab Emirates has established diplomatic relations with Russia since 1971, before the Ukraine, Russia spilt. Currently UAE is trying to get the Trump Administration to end Ukraine related sanctions in order to help remove Syrians from the Middle East. In 2015 the UAE hosted the IDEX 2015, which is a large weapons expo. Bothe Ukraine and Russia appear to buy weaponry. Ukraine was unable to purchase lethal weaponry; however, it was able to purchase defensive weaponry. While at the weapons expo Ukraine signed a defense deal with the UAE, in case of a Russian invasion.
    UAE would like to see tensions relieved in a nonviolent way preferably through peace talks. Peace talks have been shown to relieve tensions in the past. UAE could be set as a moderator seeing as it had relations with both countries. In the peace talk military disclosure should be called for, as well as a reduction of arms levels, whether it be lethal or defense. Both parties should also be allowed to inspect troop movement in each other’s territory, upon invitation. The agreement should provide for border security and confidence measures as well.

  • 20MunsonCa
    20MunsonCa November 13, 2018

    Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Committee: DISEC
    Topic: Ukraine
    Delegate: Caroline Munson
    School: Williamston High School

    Despite Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the influence of Mother Russia has never left. And it has not entirely been a forced relationship, especially in the eastern half of Ukraine. But the western half feels that Russia has done nearly everything in its power to keep influence in Ukraine. These tensions led to widespread riots in capital Kiev in November of 2013. These past five years have been filled with brutal attacks, undeclared war, and restrictions on speech. This spurred when the former president, Victor Yanukovych, decided to not join the EU and instead side with Russia. Causing laws and government protests and the impeachment of the president by the Ukrainian Parliament. He fled to Crimea before bring exiled to Russia, bringing another country into the conflicts. Crimea was later annexed by Russia in 2014, but the people were not forced to go under Mother Russia, as nearly the entire population decided to side with Russia and not Ukraine. The tensions have not stopped. Slight efforts have taken place, such as the Minsk II ceasefire agreement; an agreement between Ukraine, Russia, France, and Germany stating they would take measures to alleviate the conflicts of Ukraine, but the conflicts are worsening.
    Although the Democratic Republic of the Congo is not near the afflicted area, it does have experience with dealing with controlling countries. It was under the rule of Belgium till 1960, and gained independence by way of revolts by citizens and the newly elected president, Joseph Kasavubu, prime minister, senate, and assembly. When Belgium fought to keep its colony, DR Congo appealed to the United Nations to provide troops and requested the removal of Belgian troops. The UN approved a resolution that created the Organisations des Nations Unities au Congo (ONUC) and called for the withdrawal of Belgian troops.
    The Democratic Republic of the Congo suggests Ukraine take similar action. Also a possible split of the nation. Crimea should either be legally annexed by Russia or become independent. After that, the east and west halves of Ukraine should consider involving UN troops and dividing the country to ease tensions. This would be the best possible solution for the conflict. Maybe a separation of the parts of Ukraine with and without Russian influence, and a combination of Crimea and the eastern half of Ukraine. From there, things may lead to the consolidation of eastern Ukraine, Crimea, and Russia. As for the Donbass region, UN troops should be deployed to make peace, and efforts should be made to sign agreements between Ukraine and Russia, including the state of independence of Crimea and Donbass. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is looking forward to working with African countries as well as other nations sharing similar views such as Honduras.

  • Westmax
    Westmax November 13, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Max West
    In 1991, during the Cold War when Ukraine declared its separation from The Soviet Union was that start of conflict between Ukraine and Russia, but in recent years this conflict has escalated to a point at which the United Nations must do something. This is due in part to the facts that a majority of the citizens in Ukraine are ethically russian and/or speak russian. Along with this the Orange Revolution had increased the tension and has still affected the situation til this day. And with Russia annexing Crimea in 2014 the situation is dire. These decisions and actions were done to try and dissolve the conflict but have only heightened it, and now civilians and innocent people are dying daily for unnecessary reasons.
    Since 1992, Sweden was the first Nordic country to recognize Ukraine as an independent nation, and has been fighting for the freedom of Ukraine since, with Sweden’s most recent visit was in 2018 between Sweden’s Minister of Defense, Peter Hultquist and Ukraines president P.O.Poroshenko. Along with these measures, Sweden has fought to allow Ukraine into the United Nations. Sweden and Ukraine in the past have had many meetings to discuss Ukraines freedom from Russia and Sweden’s main priority has been to keep Ukraine civilians safe.
    Sweden proposes the United Nations support Ukraine’s independence by requesting Russia recall troops in Ukraine and stop all means of taking control of Ukraine, thus including supporting rebel groups in southern Ukraine. If Russia does not comply with these requests with a reasonable, given time frame, Sweden believes the United Nations should use military forces to encourage Russia to agree to the conditions. Along with that Sweden also believes the United Nations should give aid to the Ukrainian Government to help with the rebel groups in the south and further help it develop as a country, this includes support for Ukraines reform agenda and helping Ukraine with long term effects for peaceful development. Sweden also believes that the United Nations should help uphold the integrity of the Minsk Protocol.

  • Timhealey
    Timhealey November 13, 2018

    Committee: Disarmament and International Security
    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Indonesia
    Since the independence of Ukraine Indonesia has been trading and dealing with them closely, and in 1994 the Indonesia built a embassy in Kiev cementing the relationship. Ukraine has commented that Indonesia is a important arms exporter and they have the highest exports to the Ukraine in the ASEAN. The Soviet Union was the one of the first countries to recognize Indonesia as a free country but since then the relationship has gone down drastically, Many Indonesian people see the Russia-Afghan war a crime against the Muslim religion. Russia has annexed Crimea causing tension and small skirmishes on a ever changing border.
    Indonesia is one of the biggest supporters for the Ukraine, Indonesia believes that Russia has overstepped their boundaries and is breaking Ukraines national sovereignty. Indonesia believes it is the United Nations responsibility to keep international peace and worries that if it is not solved quickly and peacefully things will get worse. Indonesia does want Russia to return the land and bring their borders out of the Ukraine.

  • Api.sen
    Api.sen November 13, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Api Sen

    Over the past few years, the nation of Ukraine and its’ citizens have gone through unfathomable actions taken by its neighboring countries. Ukrainians are slowly watching their country progress into an undeclared civil war between its military and Russian-backed separatists. In the 2010 Ukrainian election, President Viktor Yanukovych won in a narrow victory. Soon after, he accepted Russia’s 15 billion dollar payout but refused to join the EU contrary to what the citizens wanted. Tensions rose and protests continued as Yanukovych limited Ukrainians basic rights of speech and assembly. Therefore in 2014, Viktor Yanukovych was removed from office by Ukraine’s Parliament. All while Ukraine’s government was struggling, Crimea was seized by Russian forces and declared to become apart of Russia in February that same year. However, the United Nations General Assembly and many other international experts denied this allegation due to Russia being under command of a military. Therefore, conflict arose between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea’s status and Ukraine’s alignment toward the west. This resulted in war between Ukraine and pro-Russian forces, which consequently caused nearly 10,000 civilian deaths. The UN has attempted to end the crossfire between the two states with the signing of Minsk II back in 2015. However, Ukraine states that the conflict is still at risk due to Russian forces ignoring the signing, keeping tensions between the nations high.

    Canada has taken numerous initiatives to aid Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with the Russian forces. As a country, Canada is among the lasting supporters of Ukraine in its efforts to restore safety to its civilians. In response to Russia’s unjust actions, Canada is continuously urging Russia to respect international law (Geneva Commitments) and end its provocateurs. Canada has expressed its feelings towards the illegal occupation of the Ukrainian sovereign territory, and have imposed sanctions in order to aid Ukraine in its stability. Additionally, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have been deployed, and are prepared at all costs to defend the nation of Ukraine. As a militant group, Canada has stationed six CF-18 fighter jets, and 200 support staff members, along with sending 20 CAF operational planners to NATO’s Supreme Allied Powers Headquarters in Casteau, Belgium to monitor events occurring in the region. Canada had also provided airborne operations alongside Polish, and U.S troops for infantry skills back in May 2014. As stated, Canada will continuously aid Ukraine in their efforts to restore stability and to implement democratic and economic reforms.

    Canada proposes that the United Nations provide those within the borders of Ukraine with proper care with the implementation of peacekeepers working alongside Canadian and the United Nations Armed Forces in order to prevent more casualties. In the restoration of Ukraine’s stability, Canada will provide aid in combatant needs in order to maintain control of Ukraine’s sovereign land in hopes to avoid Europe’s version of a Korean Demilitarized Zone. With continuing efforts previously made along with these additional supplements, Canada hopes to end Ukraine’s crisis with Russia with the help from the United Nations and the Disarmament and International Security Committee.

  • Jquist
    Jquist November 13, 2018

    Jonathan Quist
    Ukraine became a independent nation in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and they have been a recognized as a nation ever since then. However, that land has belonged to Russia for a number of years, and there are over 2 million ethnic Russians that live in that area. Not only that, but they also share a lot of the same cultural aspects as one another. They have pretty similar languages with only a few differences in one anothers language. This ultimately means they don’t share much of a language barrier. They are both also considered ethnically Slavic. Which means they are both a part of the same ethnicity. They also tend to eat the same type of dishes as each other, and cook the same type of ethnic foods as one another. Overall these countries are really not that different from each other, and if Russia took over the Ukraine as their own state, it really wouldn’t have a rippling effect considering how similar the two nations are too one another.

  • Jackrstarling
    Jackrstarling November 13, 2018

    Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Topic Area: Ukraine
    Country: Greece
    Delegate: Jack Starling

    Due to the overwhelming Russian population in Ukraine, as of a 2001 census, approximately 18% of Ukrainian citizens are of Russian heritage, Russia has been very persistent in trying to control Ukraine and even annex it. Since the fall of the USSR, in 1991, leaving Ukraine as a sovereign nation, Russia hRussianas been pursuing this goal. However, in the last decade, many new events in this conflict have occurred. In 2004, a new Ukrainian leader, Viktor Yanukovych, was appointed, and he immediately started to implement his pro-Russian policies. Yanukovych denied acceptance into the European Union by request of the Russian Federation. Yanukovych also denied many basic human rights to Ukrainian citizens, like the right to free speech and assembly. Many sources believe that this was due to several civilian protests that had taken place. The protests objected to Yanukovych’s clearly pro-Russian, anti-EU, and inhumane policies. After these protests, Yanukovych fled to Crimea and soon after, Crimea was annexed into the Russian Federation. There is still a Russian, militaristic occupation to this day.

    The most notable actions that the UN has already taken is the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262 and Resolution 71/205. Resolution 68/262 was proposed in 2014 and passed with 100 votes for and 11 votes against. It affirmed the General Assembly’s commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. However, Russia refuses to accept the validity of the vote and has not cooperated with the agreement. Resolution 71/205 assured that human rights would be protected in the Crimean conflict zone. Russia has not acknowledged the validity of this resolution either.

    Greece would look very favorably upon any resolutions that peacefully resolve this conflict. If a resolution proposed that Russia abate Crimea and allow Crimea to rejoin Ukraine, demanded that Russia respect both Resolution 68/262 and Resolution 71/205, and ensured that Ukrainian citizens of Russian heritage were not subjected to unjust hate, Greece would gladly vote for that resolution.

  • Bellabouma111
    Bellabouma111 November 13, 2018

    Singapore Position Paper on Ukraine

    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Singapore
    Name: Bella Bouma
    School: Forest Hills Northern

    There has been an ongoing battle over the Status of Ukraine. Russians want to have Ukraine and crimea become a part of the Russian Federation. The east side of Ukraine is in for this, but the west side will not budge. This has caused many civil wars and many deaths that we need to prevent. Russia is in support of the East because many of the Ukrainians in the east are Russian speaking and have the ethnic Russian culture. Russia has already annexed Crimea and they failed to take over Ukraine, so this battle still continues.

    Singapore stands with Ukraine. Singapore recognizes Ukraine as a country and believes that all countries big or small must observe international law. Singapore has always stood up against invasions of small countries, like the stand with East Timor, Cambodia. Singapore is now taking a stand against the invasions of Ukraine.

    Russia has signed agreements in 1944 with the US and UK agreeing that they will not use force or threaten the territory and independence of Ukraine. As we can see, Russia has not held up there end of the deal. We recognize that a treaty or signed agreement is not going to be successful unless Ukraine has aid from other countries and defend themselves. Even though Ukraine has many embassies around the world and including one in Singapore, these countries cannot stand against a massive country like Russia. The fact is that, the size of the country gives them power. As a small state Singapore recognizes the facts and knows that it is important to have a strong foreign policy because “agreements” are not going to end this ongoing civil war.

  • Lukeschafer
    Lukeschafer November 13, 2018

    Country: United Kingdom
    Committee: DISEC
    School: Williamston High School
    Topic: Ukraine
    Delegate: Luke Schafer

    There has been conflict in the eastern region of Ukraine for the last 4 years. This conflict, which started when protesters occupied Kiev to protest former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s attempt to bring Ukraine closer into the orbit of Russia, has caused the death of thousands of individuals and has been a drain on the economy of Ukraine. In response to the protests, commonly termed Euromaidan because the protesters wanted closer ties to Europe, a new administration has been ushered in promising to reform Ukraine and bring it closer to the European Union. Since then the government has fulfilled the will of the people and has brought Ukraine closer to Europe. In response to this, Russia annexed Crimea and started a shadow war in the Donbass Region of Ukraine hoping to disrupt the will of the Ukrainian people. This war, as previously mentioned, has dragged on for many years, and despite various ceasefires, such as Minsk I and II, still has no end in sight. It will be up to the United Nations to come up with a solution to the conflict that is able to protect the Ukrainian people from further threats to their national sovereignty.

    The United Kingdom believes that bringing this crisis to a swift end is of utmost importance. We maintain a very close relationship with the Ukraine, a relationship that goes back to 1992, a few months after the Ukrainian state was founded. This relationship, while strained at times, has blossomed in recent years under the leadership of Theresa May and her Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko. As a result of this close relationship, the United Kingdom is a staunch ally of the Ukraine. We affirm their right to national sovereignty because they are a democratic nation, but also because of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum that affirmed that right in exchange for Ukraine relinquishing their nuclear arsenal. This memorandum was signed by the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Russian Federation. The UK is alarmed by Russia’s violation of this treaty and of international law by illegally annexing Crimea. The UK has made it known numerous times that it views this annexation as illegal, and expects Crimea to be returned to Ukraine. In response to Russia’s lawlessness the international community, with the United Kingdom at the forefront, imposed sanctions on Russia for their gross disrespect for the rules and norms that are respected by the international community. The United Kingdom was also instrumental in the Minsk Accords, but we’d like to see them enforced much better to protect the 1.5 million people in Eastern Ukraine who are victim of Russian aggression.

    There are many solutions to this conflict that the United Kingdom supports. We wish to bring an immediate end to the conflict by hosting another cease-fire conference called Minsk III. This conference would be similar to Minsk I and II which were designed to end the war, but failed due to a lack of political will. Minsk III will be different because there will be specific mechanisms that will enforce it. For example the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, has been the only non biased source of information from Ukraine’s front lines regarding ceasefire violations, troop movements, etc… We propose to increase the funding given to this group so that they can continue their mission to observe Eastern Ukraine. We hope that this group will be able to uphold the agreements that are put in place by Minsk III and will remove Russian troops from Ukrainian soil, as well as restore Crimea to Ukrainian sovereignty. If these demands are not met by the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom wishes to impose increased sanctions on Russia for their role in the Ukraine conflict and for their illegal annexation of Crimea. The United Kingdom believes that these solutions will bring a speedy conclusion to the war and will maintain the territorial integrity of the Ukraine.

  • 22badraal
    22badraal November 13, 2018

    Country: Brazil
    Committee: DISEC
    Topic: Ukraine
    Delegate: Alexandra Badra
    School: Williamston High School

    War, war, war. No one likes war, right? Sure our earth may never be in a status of perfect world peace, but countries all over the world should do all they can to prevent massive, detrimental wars from taking place. Taking this into consideration, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is a serious topic that could be blown out of control if not handled properly. Ukraine, with its great Russian influence, has not been an independent state for long, but because of this influence Russia has kept Ukraine in their sights. However, many Ukrainians protested against this. In response to rising tensions between protesters and government forces, many laws were passed and internal security forces were deployed that restricted basic rights of speech and assembly in Ukraine. Another cause of conflict between Russia and Ukraine was the ownership of Crimea. This issue has caused continuous military conflict and has transformed into an undeclared war with occasional skirmishes between the two. Even though large battles are not present today, high tension remains between western Ukraine and people from the east with Russian support.
    Brazil maintains notable political, economical, and scientific relations with both Russia and Ukraine. Since many Brazilian cattle farmers had been authorized to export to Russia, this created opportunities for producers of chicken and cattle meat. Ukraine and Brazil operate the Alcantara Space Base in Maranhao state together which maintains good relations between the two countries. In the last decade, they have invested over 1 billion USD in a conjoined space and satellite project that is located at the base. Overall, Brazil has kept good relationships with both Russia and Ukraine.
    Brazil has monitored the situation and supports the idea of the United Nations’ efforts to help Ukraine and Russia create a compromise. Also understand that Brazil would not condemn Russia’s actions. Brazil supports the Minsk II Agreement, believing that this is the best option for all parties to create a peaceful and permanent end to the conflict. Brazil defends the right to self-determination, but stresses the need for negotiated solutions to conflicts and disagreements. On the status of Crimea, Brazil is officially neutral. Also, Brazil is deeply concerned with the proposals in the regard to arm any side of Ukraine, as this could deepen the conflict and create immense political and humanitarian impacts. Brazil strongly thinks that the evolution towards a new world order should be gradual and based on compromise, and thinks this is something everyone in the United Nations should be able to help with. In regard to what has been previously said, Brazil does not want to see the predicament in Crimea evolve into a major war, and is particularly concerned that the deterioration of the situation in Ukraine could trigger a domino effect throughout Eastern Europe.

  • avatar image
    Jessica Robach November 13, 2018

    Israel Position Paper on Ukraine

    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Israel
    Name: Jessica Robach
    School: Williamston
    Ukraine’s geopolitical alignment has become an increasing prominent component of the United Nations’ international agenda. In March of 2014, Crimea was annexed by Russia and Ukraine was plunged into a difficult war against pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country. Since February 2015, that conflict has been under a cease-fire agreement signed in Minsk called “Minsk II,” but fighting still flares up nearly every day and there continues to be a steady stream of casualties resulting from violations. Israel strongly condemns these acts of violence and advocates for a sovereign delegation of Ukraine.
    The delegation of Israel implores Eastern European nations to grant full political independence to Ukraine. As Ukraine is rich with Jewish history, it plays a major part in Israeli education for young generation of Jews. In addition, Ukraine is also rich in religious history and contains the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev, which is a pilgrimage site to many religious Jews. Due to this significance, the delegations of Israel and Ukraine signed an agreement of non visa traffic between the two nations in 2010. Ukrainian President Poroshenko stated in September 2016 that this visa-free regime had increased tourist flow between the two delegations significantly. The political connection fostered between these two nations remains important for Israel.
    It is imperative to the delegation of Israel that Ukraine operates with full sovereignty. The motives for Israel’s backing of an independent Ukraine stem from both economic and cultural motives. Peacekeeping troops and sanctions are among several possible solutions that could be set in place to ensure Ukraine’s independence. Actions similar to Russia’s annexation of Crimea will be condemned. Also, Israel seeks to further promote ideals outlined by “Minsk II”, and potentially add this international protocol.

  • Carolinags
    Carolinags November 13, 2018

    COUNTRY: China
    NAME: Carolina González Suástegui
    SCHOOL: Instituto Educativo Olinca

    TOPIC B: Ukraine

    Currently the situation in Ukraine has become critical, as the independence of this country and the membership of some territories to it has arisen a series of conflicts between this state and the Russian Federation. It has become a worldwide conflict as many other countries such as the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom, among others, have already intervened.

    China is aware of this conflict and is deeply worried about all the civilian casualties in which it has already resulted and it is sure that an immediate solution should be found as promptly as possible. It also believes that this conflict is an internal affair that should only be solved by those countries that are directly affected by it; and that although the support of the international community is important in order to find the most suitable solution, the direct help of those countries that are not directly involved should only be provided if it is deemed strictly necessary. Furthermore it considers that the best way to solve said conflict is to avoid any more armed confrontations between the parties involved. In addition it firmly believes that it is of great importance to solve the conflict in Ukraine in the most peaceful and diplomatic way posible. In order to do so China would like to highlight the fact that for this to be viable it would be of extreme importance that the parties involved abide by the ceasefire regime.

    In case the diplomatic talks did not take the right course, and only if it is required by any of the parties, China is willing to help and enter into these peaceful talks, intervining as less as possible and with the only objective of helping both sides to get to a suitable solution in the most diplomatic way posible.

    Taking into consideration the critical situation that is taking place at the moment, China encourages both parties involved to come to an agreement that is beneficial for all as soon as posible; but most importantly, always in the most peaceful manner. It is of the utmost importance that this agreement should be conformed not only by short-term solutions but also by long-term ones. China sincerely hopes that this conflict comes to an end soon.

  • Jacobhowell56
    Jacobhowell56 November 13, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Jacob Howell

    Ukraine is a battle zone, and is a pivotal epidemic in today’s society. Ukraine’s problems are not all political, but mostly security. According to Oleksandr Turchynov, “Ukraine has one of the worst air forces in the EU.” To sustain a secure country, the country of Ukraine must improve their air tactics and defense. One of the only ways to improve the conflict, is to sustain the basic rights of speech and assembly for the international security. The lack of leadership in Ukraine, cannot go unnoticed. Ever since the downfall of Russia and Ukraine’s partnership, tensions have been high. In order to sustain trade growth with Italy and other countries of the United Nations, we must take the necessary actions to preventing further destruction and violence in Ukraine.

    As an important trade member and significant protector of Ukraine, Italy would like to see a change in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 80% of Italy’s energy comes from Ukraine and Russia, which makes it important to prevent any altercations to the trade laws and security laws between these European countries. Italy wants to see the violence end. Italy is committed to preserving Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence from Russia. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy traveled to Ukraine, to discuss his positive intentions with President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine. We are in full acceptance of Russia pulling their troops from inside the Ukrainian borders. Russia has already influenced Ukraine politically and economically. With Ukraine becoming fully denuclearized in 1996, we believe the country of Ukraine, is qualified to progress, without the so called “help” of Russia. Russia is well aware of the disarmament tactics used in Ukraine. Italy believes that Ukraine is at a crucial point where something must be changed for the better. Italy recognizes the problems, and want the United Nations to proceed in fixing the problems stated. The notable ones, being air defense and leadership to sustain a secure country.

    The United Nations, must take action to the conflict. Italy, proposes that the UN creates a resolution finalizing the end of the battle between Russia and Ukraine, but also takes into consideration the following revisions: Ukraine needs a strong leadership program, which will help them become successful, removing all troops from Russia, and maintaining a steady economy for over 6 months, to be granted full access to the world trade market and will once again be a secure country. The Disarmament and International security committee would like to promote this resolution the the United Nations. Italy, is an advocate for Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty, and would like to improve it to create a better overall disarmament system, and living system to insure safety.

  • EthiopiaDisec
    EthiopiaDisec November 13, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Jack Swanson

    To this day, Ethiopia is still a nation recovering from a violent armed conflict. The Ethiopian-Eritrean war, although only lasting for two years, was one of the bloodiest conflicts in the contemporary history of the African continent. The Conflict in the region and the War in Donbass share one common theme: They are overlooked by the citizens of most of the world. Ethiopia has very healthy foreign relations with Ukraine, and vice versa. Ukraine sees Ethiopia as “a promising and reliable partner to create a comprehensive mutually beneficial cooperation in Africa.” (1) This, combined with the recent lack of foreign aid sent by the Russian Federation to Ethiopia, gives Ethiopia a very strong incentive to support Ukraine and the west in matters relating to the War in Donbass. After all, what reason does Ethiopia have to turn on an ally to support a country that does not care about Ethiopia? As such, it is of great concern to the Ethiopian delegation that action will be taken. A suggestion that Ethiopia believes would be beneficial is establishing a peacekeeping force in the Donbass region. Ethiopia, being the country with the most UN peacekeepers, (2) Would contribute greatly to the manpower of this program. Another possible solution is condemning the Russian Federation for all further acts meant to destabilize the Ukrainian government, including sponsoring of both the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republic terrorist organizations. Russia can also be heavily sanctioned as a discouraging point. Overall, Ethiopia sees that there is a need for support of Ukraine in the conflict, and that action must be taken immediately.

    (1) “Embassy of Ukraine to Ethiopia.” Political Relations – Embassy of Ukraine to Ethiopia,
    (2) “United Nations Peacekeepers: Which Countries Provide the Most Troops and Funding?” Best Delegate, 10 Jan. 2017,

  • Mikaylalomas
    Mikaylalomas November 13, 2018

    Country: Belgium
    Committee: DISEC
    Topic: Ukraine
    Delegate: Mikayla Lomas
    School: Williamston High School
    As delegates apart of DISEC it is our jobs to make decisions and protect civilians. The situation in Ukraine is getting worse and is entering almost 5 years of fighting. The fight is between the Ukrainian government and separatist armed groups, the separatist armed groups are supported by Russia. As of mid-November of last year, 425 civilians were either injured or killed. The citizens of Ukraine should not have to scared of walking and being blown up by landmines or having the fear of being taken by separatist groups and being killed.
    The country of Belgium is a proud member of this wonderful committee and we hope we can help address and fix the problems in Ukraine. In Belgium we are open to many religions and believe that people should not be punished for believing in their religion they choose to practice. The Crimea situation that is plaguing the nation of Ukraine started in 2014 when Russia took control of the peninsula. We strongly condemn Russia’s intervention and we want them to return to their barracks. The Ukraine situation is something that cannot be overlooked. Belgium is one of the neighboring countries to Ukraine. If we let this situation escalate to where the Crimea situation is within all of Ukraine who know what will happen to the neighboring countries. Belgium would like to reminded other nations that Russian authorities have targeted and persecuted Crimean Tatars for their pro-Ukraine position, even though they were originally apart of Ukraine until Russia decided to take over Crimea.
    Furthermore, Belgium would like to come up with a solution that would help everyone now and in the future. An appropriate way to go along this matter would be by internationally guaranteeing neutrality for Ukraine. From the 16th century to the early 19th century, armies have marched repeatedly through the territory which is now known as Belgium. Beglium declared independence from the Netherlands Kingdom the future of the country was uncertain. The idea of that is in the Treaty of London, many countries in Europe agreed to give respect to the country of Belgium’s territorial integrity and neutrality. All in all we enjoyed a century of peace until WWI. If the Ukraine did this they would be able to have some peace after 4 years of attacks and conflicts.

  • Vonkm
    Vonkm November 13, 2018

    Comittee: DISEC
    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Palestine

    Russia’s imperialistic nature has inhibited it from having the ability to respect the sovereignty of the Ukraine. This ongoing conflict deserves to be solved by this committee. It is apparent that the referendum that concluded with an overwhelming vote to annex Crimea to Russia is invalid, as deemed by the UN General Assembly, yet Russia continues to blatantly ignore and act against international opinion. The situation is reminiscent of the Isreali-Palestinian conflict. Despite multiple international treaties and attempted peace talks, Israel continued to infringe on the national sovereignty of Palestine and violate international agreements. For example, Israel has continued to encourage Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory. Because of this, Palestine sympathizes with the Ukraine and will work in conjunction with the body of this committee to prevent history from repeating itself.

    Palestine is happy to see the pacification of conflict in the region after the Minsk II ceasefire agreement, but it acknowledges that there is still a long road to resolution. The major players need to sit at the table and continue the conversation in order to find a solution. The United Nations can only do so much; in reality, it is up to Russia and the Ukraine to voice their opinions and agree on official international borders and a route to peace. However, if the body can compose a comprehensive resolution that lays the concrete for these talks to be successful, the road to peace will be shorter. Russia also needs to find a way to respect the Ukranian sovereignty and the validity of their elections. Without mutual respect, there is no ground for compromise to stand on.

    Palestine would like to see the body create a resolution that organizes a way for the conflicting countries to meet in a neutral place that can be moderated by the United Nations. It would also like to see the committee push Russia to follow through on whatever agreement the committee makes about the true Crimean borders. Palestine would hate for the United Nations to yet again let another country disobey international legislation at the expense of another country’s sovereignty and legitimacy. Palestine would also like to draw attention to Facebook’s role in the polarization of Ukrainians, and Russia’s direct influence in that process. A hidden root to the problem is fake media deployed by the Russians. They have weaponized Facebook and used it to drive a crack through Ukranian society and promote the instability that allowed them to manipulate the Ukraine. Palestine sees history repeating itself and wishes the body would take a look to the past and learn from the international community’s mistakes in order to secure a better and brighter future for the Ukrainians and other countries that will face or are facing similar problems.

  • AlexanderGarcia
    AlexanderGarcia November 13, 2018

    SUBMITTED TO: Disarmament and International Security Committee
    TOPIC: Conflict in Ukraine
    COUNTRY: Federal Republic of Somalia
    Alexander Garcia

    Somalia recognizes that Russia has attacked the sovereignty of Ukraine. They have annexed Crimea, and now they are aiding violent pro-Russian separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine. Their actions violate both Ukraine’s sovereignty and UN Resolution 50/172, which states that “by virtue of the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, all peoples have the right, freely and without external interference, to determine their political status and to pursue their economic, social and cultural development, and that every State has the duty to respect that right.” Russia has clearly not allowed the people of these regions to determine their own political status without external interference. Somalia encourages the committee to set a precedent that violent intervention in another country’s affairs will not be tolerated.
    Russia has signalled in the past that it does not respect the sovereignty of other nations. Russia invaded Georgia under the guise of peacekeeping to enforce the independence of two illegitimate states and currently occupies the territory that these rebels claim, territory which rightly belongs to Georgia. The annexation of Crimea occured in a similar manner, when Russia, using the false pretense of protecting Russophones, occupied Crimea and held an illegitimate referendum for its independence.
    This behavior should not be tolerated, otherwise it will continue. Russia could, under the same pretense, occupy territory in other Eastern European nations, such as the Baltic states. They will defy any polite recommendations from the committee, just as they defied the Minsk protocol when the separatist forces they support broke the ceasefire and attacked a Ukrainian airport. More forceful action is needed. Somalia believes that the committee should encourage all Member-States to impose economic sanctions on Russia immediately, and maintain these sanctions until Russia ends its interference in Ukraine, returns Crimea, and pays reparations to the Ukrainian government equal to the damage it has inflicted to Ukraine’s economy, infrastructure, and reputation.

  • AlexShier
    AlexShier November 14, 2018

    Committee: DISEC
    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Republic of Poland
    Delegate: Alex Shier

    Since the inception of the great Polish Republic one hundred years ago, we have continuously fought oppression and tyranny. Today, though we stand a proud and independent nation, the same cannot be said for some other states in Europe. Ukraine, specifically its Donbass region, faces a storm of violence that is swirling around it. This prolonged spiral began with the breakup of the Soviet Union, and the fighting has only been exacerbated by the formations of pro- and anti-Russian factions. These divisive contests culminated in the election of a Pro-Russian administration, and a subsequent series of protests over the seizure of power by this faction. As of today, this conflict is responsible for the killing of 10,000 civilians. This, combined with the Russian annexation of Crimea, of which Poland and our Western Allies strongly denounce, has created an extremely unstable political and military situation.

    The ultimate aspiration of the Polish people is peace. As long as a smaller nation is being bullied on our border, we cannot have, or enjoy this tranquillity for ourselves. As a reaction to this blatant act of destabilization, we asked for Ukrainian territorial integrity to be respected. We still stand by our commitment to Ukrainian sovereignty, and with the US, in denouncing the illegal annexation of Crimea even now. When our request for Russia to withdraw was not heeded, Poland, in conjunction with NATO allies, bolstered our military assets in the region as a deterrent to further action by the Russian Federation. Though Poland would never condone military force as a means of diplomacy, these actions were indeed necessary. As a more peaceful approach to the situation, we have supported UN proposals to send a UN peacekeeping force to the whole of the Donbass to stabilize the region, and de-escalate the situation.

    Poland strives for a peaceful settlement of this conflict that satisfies all parties. Unfortunately, at this time, that is not feasible. In order for productive negotiations to begin, Ukraine needs to be stable, and on equal footing as Russia. As such, Poland would support any resolution that first and foremost stabilizes the Donbass. Whether this is through direct Security Council intervention, or an agreement between parties, the goal is to construct a situation where useful negotiations can occur. Though finding a peace agreement is of utmost importance, before these talks can begin, it is an absolute necessity to stop the fighting before land, resources, and money can change hands, and true peace can be achieved.

  • Le-D
    Le-D November 14, 2018

    Dan Le
    Disarming and International Security Committee
    Grand Rapids City High

    In December 26th 1991, Peru recognized Ukraine’s Declaration of Independence. February 2014, the Russian Federation annexed the peninsula known as Crimea, which violated several Ukrainian territorial integrity agreements. In the 68th session of the UN, Peru signed in favor of Resolution 262. Resolution 262, titled “Territorial Integrity of Ukraine,” confirmed the General Assembly’s commitment to the integrity of Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders and the invalidity of the 2014 Crimean referendum.

    Peru would like the assembly to enter peaceful talks in hopes of not damaging relations between any countries involved.

  • avatar image
    Nathan Weller November 14, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Nathan Weller

    Ukraine gained its independence after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, as recognized by 68 countries in 1991, and another 64 in 1992. However, Russia still continues to attempt to keep Ukraine under its control, and has in the past been successful. This has caused great tension between these two nations, and has the potential to lead to a much greater, bigger conflict. There have been many protests by Ukrainians, starting in 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine. Mexico has diplomatic relationships with Ukraine, and is one of the nations that recognized its independence. Ukraine is indeed an independent country, and should be treated and seen accordingly. If not resolved, this issue will lead to a great amount of deaths, and possibly even the start of a major war.

    This issue is not really an issue within Mexico. Mexico does have diplomatic relations with Ukraine, and does trade with Ukraine as well. In fact, in 2017, two-way trade between the two amounted to 212 million USD. Further, Mexico has signed many bilateral agreements with Ukraine including an Agreement of Mutual Interests (1997), and Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation (2003). However, Mexico does have relations with Russia as well, including $1.7 billion USD in trade between the two in 2017. The Mexican Government also supported the United Nations’ request for the international community to respect the unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and have called for both sides to seek dialogue and a peaceful resolution to the matter.

    Mexico, being a country with diplomatic relations to both Russia and Ukraine, wants to see a peaceful resolution of this issue. Mexico would like to see the United Nations put an end to this conflict, mainly by enforcing that all countries- including Russia- respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and also deploying peacekeepers in order to keep the peace between the two. Mexico wants a compromise between the two, one that allows Ukraine its independence, while also keeping the two satisfied, with the help of UN peacekeeping missions in larger cities in Ukraine and along the Ukraine-Russia border.

  • DonutOmega
    DonutOmega November 14, 2018

    Jack Hanley, Mattawan High School
    DISEC: Ukraine

    Ukraine and Russia have had a deteriorating relationship since 1991 when Ukraine ceased to be a Soviet controlled state, and instead became independent. Many incidents among the two countries since the falling out have led to the distrust between the two countries growing. As like any situation there are two sides in both countries, there are Ukrainians who support Russia and want to rejoin them as a territory of Russia, and there are Ukrainians who desire to remain independent. Similarly there are Russian who want Ukraine back and Russians who would prefer if Ukraine stayed independent. The majority people in Ukraine want to be independent and the majority of Russians want Ukraine back as an internal state. As tensions rise and Russia moves to act on its desires to bring Ukraine, and Ukraine continues to stray further from its roots with communism and the Socialist Republic, Russia grows ever more desperate to regain control of its old territory, fearing that Ukraine may differentiate cultures to join the west as an ally over its old partnership with Russia.

    Nigeria, not unlike Ukraine, became independent from a parent country in 1960 when Queen Elizabeth II and the british were forced out of Nigeria and replaced the old monarchy with a commonwealth republic, heralded by the governor-general Nnamdi Azikiwe. Nigeria has had an overwhelming stance on non-alignment and non-interference when it comes to issues not regarding its people, policies, or borders. However, Nigeria like any other country does have embassies in countries, while the Nigerian embassies are not nearly as far and wide reaching as those of other countries, NIgeria does have an embassy in Moscow, where no such embassy exists in Kiev. Nigerian past and policy may agree with the Ukraines on this issue, but the Nigerian loyalty is to the Russians before the Ukraines.

    A possible solution to the response of Russian troop movements and militaristic dealing with Ukraine is to split the already fractured country once again. If the Ukrainians were to round up the Russian supporters and give them land to rejoin Russia, or send them to Russia, than Russia would have its ties to the Ukrainian people back, and Ukraine would be able to live without the threat of Russian invasion, and without the threat of uprising when it inevitably shifts its culture, knowing its connection to the parent country remains strong.

  • Benschneider518
    Benschneider518 November 14, 2018

    Ben Schneider

    Ever since Ukraine’s separation from the Soviet Union after the Soviet Union’s collapse in December 1991, relations between Ukraine and its powerful neighbor, Russia, have become strained, especially since the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine to Russia in February 2014, when pro-Russian demonstrators and Russian troops seized the peninsula following the Ukrainian revolution where former president Viktor Yanukovych was driven out of the country after declining to join the EU in exchange for a 15 billion dollar bailout by the Russian government. Ever since the annexation, there has been military conflict between the countries as to the status of Crimea. With tensions high between Russia and Ukraine, DISEC must find a way to restore peace between the two countries.

    Egypt-Ukraine relations have been good since the creation of Ukraine. Egypt has an embassy in Kiev and Ukraine has an embassy in Cairo. The two countries have a good economic relationship, and Egypt is one of Ukraine’s major trade partners in the Middle East. They are on good standing with each other and have held meetings together on strengthening trade between the two countries as well as their security issues. However, Egypt has much deeper ties with Russia, both economically and strategically. Egypt does lots of business with Russia, including arms dealing, and agrees with Russia on its position on the conflict in Syria and Libya.

    The Ukraine-Russia conflict has been the subject of multiple UN resolutions, including General Assembly Resolution 68/262. This resolution called upon all states to “desist and refrain from actions aimed at the partial or total disruption of the national unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine.” This is a clear reference to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its military involvement in the seizure of Crimea. Egypt abstained from that vote. This resolution also established that the Crimean referendum establishing it as a part of Russia was invalid because it was held during Russian military occupation.

    The country of Egypt believes that the ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia should continue to be upheld to prevent further casualties and that both Russia and Ukraine should use their influence to keep the separatists from fighting further. The state of Crimea currently is not one that will be changed, but the countries involved can withdraw their most destructive weapons from the border and continue to uphold the Minsk agreement.

  • 19RectorJa
    19RectorJa November 14, 2018

    Country: Republic of Moldova
    Committee: DISEC – Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Topic: Ukraine
    Delegate: Jared Rector
    School: Williamston High School

    Amidst the chaos of political uncertainty that followed Euromaidan protests against former Pro-Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, Russian soldiers stormed the Crimean Peninsula and seized all government buildings and strategic facilities (March 2014). These soldiers wore balaclavas, removed all Russian insignias, and remained silent when questioned. In less than one month after the landing, Russia hosted a fabricated referendum and annexed the Crimean Peninsula. The four year conflict that followed is still raging today. Thousands of lives have been lost, despite a multitude of ceasefires being issued. The shadow war that followed the Crimean Annexation was waged in the Donbass Region of the Ukraine, in hopes of crushing the will of Ukrainians and regaining de facto rule. The Russian soldiers openly brought the fight into densely populated areas, amassing significant civilian casualties. Officials from the Russian Federation have denied all claims of aggression. The United Nations must construct a solution to this conflict to protect Ukrainian sovereignty.
    The Republic of Moldova believes that it is imperative to bring an end to this crisis. We maintain relations with both the Ukraine and the Russian Federation. While more than 20% of our exports go to Russia, our Parliament consists of a pro-EU coalition, and we believe close relations with the Ukraine is necessary to combat any alleged Russian aggressions. The Republic of Moldova and the Ukraine have sustained inter-governmental institutions such as the Ukraine-Moldova Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation, which serves to promote our economic and security interests.
    While President Igor Dodon’s statements on terminating the Association Agreement with the European Union, The Republic of Moldova wishes to assure that the President is unable to unilaterally make such decisions for the country. The Republic of Moldova would look favorably upon a ceasefire agreement similar to Minsk I and Minsk II, however with increased enforcement mechanisms. Our economy cannot sustain the hit that would follow sanctions imposed on Russia, but would approve funding to OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to collect information regarding ceasefire violations.

  • Gmanv2012
    Gmanv2012 November 14, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    The Situation in Ukraine
    Gaurang P. Vaidya

    In 2014, Russia demonstrated military aggression and planned attacks, in the aims to destroy Ukrainian sovereignty. Russia has engaged in unfair trade deals and economic sanctions that have negatively affected Ukraine for years. The Disarmament and International Security committee expedite this topic to the top of its agenda because there have been more than 10,000 civilian casualties and 1.6 million people displaced in Ukraine over a four year period.(1) Ukraine has worked at great lengths to solve this conflict such as, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine who has deemed the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and Crimean referendum unconstitutional.(2) The Court has also concluded that the Autonomous Republic of Crimea remains under the Ukrainian Constitution.(3) The Russians have not only wrongfully imprisoned, injured, and murdered thousands of people, they have led Crimea into an economic depression: with an increase in unemployment, a decrease in economically active people, and a decrease in annual salary.(4) Crimea has become the top five recipients of subsidies within Ukraine, and clearly shows that the Russian influence has caused the economic recession.(5) Ukraine urges this committee to understand the detrimental impact that Russia has induced on the Ukrainian people and how it has committed war crimes against them by “violated ceasefire regime almost 1300 times, within the span of 6 weeks from 28 July 2018 to 23 August 2018 and also fired 152 mm artillery on the village of Vrubivka.”(6) Ukraine further urges this committee to provide a resolution to this issue that will have a lasting impact in the region and maintain Ukrainian sovereignty.

    The Crimean Peninsula has been disputed since Russia illegally annexed it in 2014; however, this should not have been the case. Ukraine has rightfully owned this land since its independence in 1991 from the USSR and will continue to fight for the Ukrainian people until it is returned to Ukraine. Russia has illegally imprisoned Ukrainians, taken their land and targeted civilians. On February 12th, 2015 it was agreed upon by representatives from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and France to enact the Minsk Agreement, however, as seen previously, Russia violated the Minsk Agreement and continue to do so. Russia has violated the following clauses in Resolution 2205 and the Minsk Agreement:
    1. Enact a ceasefire
    2. Withdraw heavy weapons with 100 mm or larger caliber
    3. Meet the time constraints for any deadline such as the adoption of the agreement no more than 30 days
    5. Release hostages and unlawfully detained persons
    6. Provide or allow for the distribution of humanitarian assistance
    7. Reinstate full control of conflict areas to Ukraine
    8. Disarm the military, mercenaries and illegal groups(7)

    Ukraine encourages the Disarmament and International Security Committee to move portions of this topic to the Security Council as they may be able to act on Russia’s ignorance. Russia continues to violate treaties regarding the situation in Ukraine and advances its aggressive expansionist policies(8); however, Ukraine has remained open and looks favorably upon agreements that will create peace and protect Ukrainian sovereignty. The United Nations has provided Ukraine with support and protection of sovereignty through the Security Council Resolution 2202 (2015) and, in more recent regards, the President of the Security Council has urged the re-escalation of the situation in Ukraine. Ukraine has requested a peacekeeping mission multiple times to help observe the complete ceasefire in Crimea.(9) However, Russia has abused its veto power in the Security Council to restrict a ceasefire and prevent peace. As Russian President, Vladimir Putin has boasted to the world that he could “take[n] Kiev in two weeks.”(10) This disgraceful arrogance demonstrates Russia’s ill-intentions. We must act deliberately to form a resolution that will encompass the needs of the Ukrainian people.

    Ukraine recommends to the Disarmament and International Security Committee to reevaluate and strengthen Resolution 2202 by ensuring that all parties act on the agreement instated and encourages consequences overseen by ― the Security Council ― for all parties that do not act upon it. Additionally, Ukraine would look favorably upon the call for a Security Council session on the Topic of Situation in Ukraine for the reevaluation of a Peacekeeping Mission to Ukraine to ensure that all parties including both Ukraine, Russia, and all other independent groups ceasefire and proceed with Resolution 2205, including the Minsk Agreements.

    Ukraine looks forward to working with delegations of all countries to create a robust resolution that will encompass the needs of every nation and lead to a process of peace, prosperity, and protection for the people of Ukraine.

    (3) Ibid.
    (5) Ibid.

  • 20glynnjo
    20glynnjo November 14, 2018

    Country: Bangladesh
    Committee: DISEC
    School: Williamston High School
    Topic: Ukraine
    Delegate: Josh Glynn

    As members of the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), we must focus upon maintaining peace across the world while also harnessing our resources to prevent weapon proliferation. The current issue we will be looking into is the current unsettled relations between Russia and Ukraine and what we can do to solve this problem. The western region of Ukraine is Pro-European while the east is Pro-Russia. This has lead to high tension between not only Ukraine’s two split sides, but also Russia and the UN. After Russia seized Crimea, there has been continuous fighting resulting in the loss of thousands of lives in the eastern region of the Ukrainian mainland. We must craft a solution to reestablish peace before more lives are lost and relations are worsened between the world’s largest powers.

    The ties between Bangladesh and Russia were rather strong decades ago. This was due to Russia’s financial support for the Bangladeshi Liberation Movement in 1971 and general support for following years. In 1989, Russia was ranked 14th for aid donors to Bangladesh. Since then however, their strong relations have somewhat dwindled. When it comes to Ukraine and Bangladesh, there lies a pleasant and positive relationship. This is due to Ukraine sharing advanced agricultural technology with Bangladesh. Also, trade between Bangladesh and Ukraine has been expanding, considerably benefiting both nations. For example, we have imported 200,000 tons of wheat from Ukraine within one year.

    As our relations with Ukraine are exceptional, we hold a substantial interest in supporting their endeavour of stopping Russia from exerting their power over Ukraine and taking their land. However, as our economy is in such a weak state, we cannot provide any direct aid. What we can do is support a plan that follows our beliefs on what needs to be done. Following the creation of a plan, we will give our best attempt to help, but no promises can be made right now. Bangladesh believes that UN peacekeepers should be deployed to areas in the eastern Ukrainian mainland where fighting is currently weakening the country. After we resolve issues on the mainland, we can focus on reclaiming Crimea. Another duty that must be done is for strict warnings to be given to Russia. They must be told that if they proceed with taking over additional land, they will have to deal with significant consequences (that the UN can discuss). If we do not act now, we could potentially see Russia gaining more power through added territory which would only make it easier for them to take even more land. We must establish a plan that reinstitutes stability and peace through this region or else we face the risk of thousands of more lives being lost.

  • AGR911
    AGR911 November 14, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security
    Republic of the Sudan
    Alan Garrett Raterink

    With Sudan trying to maintain its own territorial integrity after the secession of South Sudan and unrest un Darfur, significant questions must be answered, as international borders are generally rigid, respected, and not changed too frequently. Despite our opinion on any particular topic, and although Ukraine does not directly impact us, we receive sizable backing from the Russian Federation, and increases of such support have been made recently. We are in solidarity with Russia on the Ukrainian issue, as Ukraine has been accused of supplying South Sudan with arms to further the conflict between opposition groups from South Sudan and our government.

    The Ukrainian condition is not a prominent issue in Sudan, with our attention diverted to more immediate instabilities, such as South Sudan and Darfur. We are committed to helping Russia further its goals, as we recently agreed in June of 2018 on military cooperation, hopefully to thwart any gains made by South Sudan from the Ukraine. Our government has made no action on the issue at the national level. In the international sense, Sudan has offered Russian president Vladimir Putin the service of building a Red Sea military base in Sudan, as we can act as Russia’s “key to Africa,” much like how Ukraine can act as a buffer state for Russia’s security. The United Nations is the only body where Sudan holds membership that deals with this issue.

    The Republic of the Sudan would like to see no further changes to the Ukrainian situation, as terms between Sudan and Russia have significantly improved in recent times, especially since the June, 2018 meeting between our leaders. Our only recommendation is to leave alone the issue at hand regarding the international border dispute between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The Republic of the Sudan, though, does call on the United Nations to place trade embargoes against Ukraine for their illicit sale of arms to to South Sudan, which took place in response to Sudan and Russia’s improving relations.

  • Hannahheemstra
    Hannahheemstra November 14, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    State of Kuwait
    Hannah Heemstra

    The conflict in Ukraine is dividing the country apart into a civil war. Some of the population voice to rejoin Russia while others disagree causing tension among the people. Additionally, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine over the geopolitical alignment toward the West as being back with the military. A vote was 95.5% favored rejoining was deemed invalid since it was conducted during a Russian military occupation. Russian involvement is not new to Ukrainian affairs before Russia give a $15 billion bailout to Victor Yanukovych then-president for not join the European Union. Yanukovych who was corrupt and autocratic, ending up being a pawn of a great game. These issues remain vital questions that our committee of Disarmament and International Security must put an end to. United Nations has followed through on actions to protect Ukraine sovereignty.

    The nation of Kuwait supports Ukraine. In our early years, Kuwait was the only one for the Soviet Union in the Persian Gulf and has remain allies with Russian Federation. However, Kuwait was again one of the first countries in the Persian Gulf to have flourishing relations with Ukraine as an independent state. After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Kuwait was one of the top ten nations to provide aid. In 2012 Kuwait energy invested around 120 million USD into Ukraine’s field of gas excavation. According to data provided by the Government Statistics Agency of Ukraine in 2017, the total trade in goods between Ukraine and Kuwait amounted to 22,02 million USD. In March 2014 the State of Kuwait voted in favor the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262 “Territorial integrity of Ukraine” which stated that “Affirms its commitment to the sovereignty, political independence, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.”

    The State of Kuwait proposes that the Security Council increase in military protection in Crimea, further safeguarding the Ukrainian sovereignty. The current Ukrainian military position is not strong enough with a one to seven ratios compared with Russian troops. It would be near impossible to accomplish the mission of retaining control of Crimea on their own. With reinforcements supporting Ukraine they are able to stand on their own and fight for a Russian withdraw. The State of Kuwait would encourage this committee to end Russia’s involvement in Ukraine and allow for Ukrainian sovereignty.

  • William_Mester
    William_Mester November 14, 2018

    Submitted to: Disarmament and International Security Committee
    From: The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
    Subject: Ukraine
    Delegate: William Mester

    The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a strong believer in national sovereignty. However, this does not condone the violence currently taking place in Ukraine. Ukraine appears to be somewhat out of control and we need to take further measures to address their actions.

    How can we put a stop to the violence in Ukraine? A good resolution will create a comprehensive action plan that will encourage the nation of Ukraine to put a stop to the violence. A good resolution will also respect the national sovereignty of the nations involved. Again, International Law needs to be upheld and any existing resolutions will need to be reviewed to include a way that will actually see a change in what’s going on in Ukraine.

    The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea looks forward to working collaboratively with our committee to find this comprehensive solution. The DPRK is open to working with our allies to make this happen and contribute to a productive committee.

  • JoeRosenthal
    JoeRosenthal November 14, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Joe Rosenthal

    Historically the need for humanitarian aid has been caused by conflict more than any other potential cause. Armed conflict that has not been resolved, or poorly resolved, often lead to situations in which humanitarian aid is necessary. This was the case in the beginning of international organized humanitarian aid concerning the abandonment of soldiers at the Battle of Solferino. Although there are examples of civilians in need of aid that is not inherently caused by conflict there are examples of people in need caused by the fallout from it. This issue is remains pivotal even today, and is the the question of our committee of Disarmament and International Security must address. In order for peace and prosperity for all, the public must be made safe, and it is up to the decision of the United Nations to to determine the most effective way to do so.

    As a country who has dealt with guerilla movements within its borders, Uruguay understands the need for humanitarian aid in Ukraine and their struggles with Russian influence, as a means of improving the quality of life of the citizens. Due to a military coup, a guerilla movement appeared, uprooting the government and putting the public’s safety in danger. It is crucial for the general well being of society and the people that they are protected, even in times of conflict, as the people of Uruguay know well. Uruguay strongly encourages the United Nations to take immediate action in regard to the situation in Ukraine. Furthermore, Uruguay encourages the United Nations to not only become involved in the Ukraine situation, but to also become involved in similar situations whenever they may arise.

    Uruguay proposes that the United Nations intervene in Ukraine as to protect the civilians stuck within the protesting zones. In a country that is well aware of the negative effects of humanitarian struggles, Uruguay knows firsthand the importance of safety in a country. The best stance for the United Nations to take is to promote peace and well being of the general public by actively retrieving those who are trapped in conflict zones. The Disarmament and International Security Committee should maintain their humanitarian stance as to follow the principles of the United Nations, and to improve the well being of the population of Ukraine, in their skirmishes with Russia.

  • Kenziekempa
    Kenziekempa November 14, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Czech Republic
    Kenzie Kempa

    Ukraine’s 2004 election brought the country to the brink of civil war. Viktor Yanukovych, a pro-Russian, narrowly won the presidency against Yulia Tymoshenko and her pro-European bloc. In the years following, the western half of the country grew increasingly uneasy, fearing Yanukovych was a pawn of Russia. In November of 2013, widespread anti-government protests broke out in the capital, Kiev. These protests were triggered by Yanukovych’s decision to reject an association agreement with the EU. The Ukrainian government placed restrictions on the basic rights of its citizens, these anti-protest laws restricted freedom of speech and assembly. In February of 2014, the Ukrainian parliament voted to remove Yanukovych from office. He fled to Crimea and then to Southern Russia. Disagreement between pro-Russian and pro-western supporters intensified. In March 2014, in the midst of conflict, the Russian Federation rejected the provisional government of Ukraine and annexed the peninsula, Crimea. While larger scale fighting has ceased, smaller clashes still continue. Over 10,000 citizens and soldiers have been killed and the eastern half of Ukraine remains in shambles. Donetsk and Luhansk, have emerged as self-proclaimed separatist republics. It is known that the majority of Crimea is of primarily Russian ethnicity and preference. In a vote after the annexation, 95.5% of Crimeans voted in favor of joining Russia. The Minsk protocol, the attempt to stop the war in Ukraine, agreed upon in February of 2015 by Ukraine, Russia, France, and Germany failed due to neither side respecting its implementation and gradually dismissing the ceasefire.

    As a nation previously under Soviet rule, The Czech Republic understands the concerns by our fellow countries about the annexation of Crimea by Russia. In World War II, Czechoslovakia was a satellite state to the former soviet union, Czechia’s relationship with Russia has had some issues in the past. In August of 1968, five Warsaw Pact countries including the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia due to a reform movement attempting to decentralize the administrative authority. We remember, but regardless, the relationship with Russia and the west is essential. The world cannot afford another Cold War. Being a part of the European Union and The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, all while maintaining a friendly relationship with Russia, the Czech Republic is the bridge of relations between these organizations and the Russian Federation. The Crimean dispute has caused massive, needless bloodshed. Furthermore, the people of the Crimean peninsula have voted to join the Russian Federation. Ukraine cannot hold onto land that is not loyal to them. Crimea has been part of the Russian empire since 1783. It only came into the possession of Ukraine after the dissolution of the USSR. Therefore, the majority of Crimea is of Russian ethnicity. In 2014, 65.3% of Crimea’s demographic was ethnically Russian. The Crimean people voted, and their decision should be respected. They have chosen Russia. Although we support the decision of the Crimean people, The Czech Republic believes that more precautions could be taken to reduce the loss of life in the conflict; therefore we have placed economic sanctions on Russia since their presence in Crimea. The president of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, emphasized treating this issue as a done deal.

    This issue has to be resolved quickly to ensure the safety of citizens and soldiers in both countries. The annexation of Crimea is fait accompli. To avoid war, the Czech Republic proposes the Russian Federation compensates Ukraine for the annexed land with money, gas, or oil. The amount of compensation should be discussed between Russia and Ukraine. The Czech Republic urges the United Nations to acknowledge the Crimean Peninsula as a territory of Russia after compensation. We compel the United Nations to lift sanctions and begin aiding war-torn Ukraine. Russia can aid Crimea since the responsibility now lies with them. The Czech Republic has already spent upwards of 4.3 million dollars in humanitarian aid towards Ukraine. Czechia encourages fellow members of the UN to send money and resources to these areas in distress. We implore nations to support the human rights of the citizens of Ukraine and respect their decisions to join Russia. Attempting to retake Crimea will be a catalyst for another World War.

  • MiaTepic
    MiaTepic November 14, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Mia Tepic

    Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine has been an independent state with its own ethnic identity. Its weak democracy and weak economy have resulted in a foreign policy that wavers between pro-Russia and pro-European. Ukraine’s crisis ultimately began in November of 2013 when President Viktor Yanukovych rejected a deal that would create a greater amalgamate between the country and the European Union. His decision sparked controversy and led to protests which he violently tried to end. Russia defended Yanukovych, while the US and Europe supported the protestors. The protests eventually pushed Yanukovych out of the country which led to Russia seeing the door wide open for a hostile invasion. Russia finally annexed Crimea in March of 2014. With the country divided over its status, relationships between the west and Russia have been at an all time low. As of now, about 10,000 Ukrainians have been killed because of the conflict. In order to end the violence and disputes, the United Nations must clearly articulate the status of Ukraine and its land. Additionally, the United Nations must develop a solution or compromise to end conflict in the region and prevent more casualties.

    Although Pakistan recognized the Ukraine as an independent state in 1991, it supports Russia in its fight as long as it is peaceful. Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Tasnim Aslam, expressed hope that the political crisis would be resolved through peaceful means. She stated that talks and diplomacy were the only option to calm down the situation. Pakistan and the Ukraine have been trading partners for many years. Just last year, Ukraine sold Pakistan 320 Ukrainian battle tanks in a deal worth 650 million dollars. Ukrainian Ambassador, Volodymyr Lakomov, recently discussed the growing relationship between Kiev and Islamabad. He stated that enhanced relationships could show up in the future in the fields of trade, technology, and the economy. However, Russia recently sold helicopters, held joint military drills, and proposed to build a 10 billion dollar oil pipeline with Pakistan. Russia and Pakistan both faced the same problem with the US: sanctions. In 2017, the Trump Administration cut 300 million dollars of military aid to Pakistan. Despite relationships with both countries, Pakistan does not side with either. Rather, Pakistan’s only wish is to see the situation in the Ukraine end in peace.

    Pakistan recommends that in order to end the conflict in the Ukraine, the Disarmament and International Security Committee must prevent either country from using force in disputed areas. Instead of force, Pakistan calls for Russia and the Ukraine to discuss and negotiate a deal about the status of Ukraine. Pakistan wishes for this situation to end in peace, and it believes diplomacy and discussion between the two countries will ultimately make this happen. It recommends that the United Nations to prevent more outbreaks and conflicts from arising within the country.

  • Hariskljuvic
    Hariskljuvic November 14, 2018

    Committee: DISEC
    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: The United States
    Delegate: Haris Kljuvic, Forest Hills Northern

    The state of Ukraine has fought for independence since the 9th century. Nevertheless, every time the people of Ukraine gain independence their nation gets taken away right under them. In the 9th century it would be taken over by Russia, and in 1922 the USSR would take over Ukraine even though it had been an independent state for five years. Now in the 21 century, we are seeing the same thing happen again. The Russian government has medaled once again in Ukraine politics by forcing Viktor Yanukovych to reject the deal with the European Union and accept Russian money. In 2014 Russian forces would enter the Crimean capital and impose an illegitimate referendum on the people. Since then, Russian forces and Russian backed separatist have pushed into Eastern Ukraine causing a humanitarian crisis that was not be seen in Europe since the Yugoslav Wars. Over 10,000 people have died and 26,000 have been injured in the Ukraine crisis. As a result of this, the Russian government would be forced into a cease-fire agreement, but unsurprisingly the Russian government has disregarded all of the promises it has made in these agreements.
    The United States has recognized the State of Ukraine since Dec 1991 and Ukraine has had embassy statues since Jan 1992. The United States has condemned, in the strongest term, the actions of Russia in Eastern Ukraine and its annexation of the Crimean Peninsula. Also, the United States voted in favor of the United Nations General assembly resolution 68/262 which stated that the Crimean referendum was illegitimate. The United States has also fully supported the Ukraine government with weapon deals to protect itself from the Russian Government. In addition, the United States has placed sanctions on the Russian government until Russian forces pull out of Eastern Ukraine and return control of the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine. Furthermore, the United States voted yes for resolution 71/205 which would push for better human rights in the Crimean Peninsula.
    The United States believes there are specific actions the United Nations should take to ensure the future peace of Ukraine. For one, the United States believes that UN peacekeepers would be a good step in the right direction toward peace in Ukraine. Additionally, the United States believes the general assembly needs to pass a nonbinary resolution to recommend that nations condemn the actions of Russia in Eastern Ukraine. Also, the United States believe the general assembly needs to pass a resolution that recommends nations to push sanctions on the Russian government until they pull out of Eastern Ukraine and return the Crimean peninsula to its rightful owner Ukraine. This topic should not be taken lightly and the United States will ensure that this committee fulfills its duty of maintaining and committing to the UN charter to the fullest extent.

  • Rreddy825
    Rreddy825 November 14, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
    Rohan Reddy

    The United Nations is trying to solve this issue peacefully and permanently. The United Nations has drafted many resolutions, including “Territorial integrity of Ukraine” (introduced by Andrii Deshchytsia, Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, who said that the reason for the presence of all delegations present today was an issue of paramount importance; of crucial importance for his country and of vital importance for every United Nations Member State, even more so for the United Nations and the world order it embodied). However, none of them have passed or worked.

    When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979 (using tanks, helicopters, and 100,000 troops), the Afghan guerrilla fighters had to be innovative due to lack of supplies. They had to use their sheep-shearing knives and they also had to create their own grenades using benzine and empty bottles. It took nine years for the Afghan people to get foreign made weapons to rout the Soviet Union soldiers. Now, 26 years later, many Afghans connect parallels in Ukraine’s war conflict and are ready to offer advice. “Take an example form us — it’s possible to beat a superpower.” “Ukraine has a government, an army, an economy. If they don’t fight Russia to the end for their country, history will condemn them.”(Muzafari) “The enemies of our enemies are our friends, so Ukraine is our friend.” (Afghan historian Habibullah Rafa). The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been supporting Ukraine about this issue, urging them to continue to fight and telling them to look at the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as an example.

    The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recommends that the United Nations creates a compromise over the issue in Crimea involving Russia and Ukraine so the innocent civilians do not die, and to permanently and peacefully end the violence. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan proposes that the United Nations should legally organize this conflict and give Crimea to who it legally belongs to.

  • EthanF-B
    EthanF-B November 14, 2018

    Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)
    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Germany

    Germany believes what Russia is doing in Ukraine is wrong but feels that going in with military force to fix this situation. If we try and stop Russia with force they will meet us with an even greater force. This especially true if we put Western boots on the ground. Germany is in favor of applying sanctions to stop Russia from taking it any further. This is not fair to the people of Ukraine even if some amount of them want to be apart of Russia. This has been going on for much to long and if it is really this big of a problem for Russia to have even more land then we need to look into more peaceful talks instead of military force being out in Ukraine by Russia.

  • Normanj15
    Normanj15 November 14, 2018

    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Jack Norman
    The ongoing stalemate surrounding the annexation of Crimea is not only horrifying on the grounds of the invalidity of its cause but the subsequent and intrinsic human rights violations therein. The annexation of Crimea was performed under a procedure that was completely unrecognized by the international community and has lead to the heinous persecution of the Tatars which is a minority group that makes up 12% of the Crimean population.
    Australia is appalled at the circumstances in place during the time in which the vote determining whether Crimea was to be annexed or not. Under the watchful military eye of an occupying power is no place to perform a vote on whether or not a territory is to schism and conjoin with the aforementioned occupying body or not.
    Australia understands the potential need for reconsideration of borders and culture but cannot stand unperturbed by the nature of the Crimean situation in Ukraine. What Australia is unfortunately forced to bear witness to is the systematic erasure of Ukrainian culture in education and the replacement of Ukrainian laws with those of those of Russia. According to UN investigations there has been at least one extra-judicial execution, violations of private civilian property and enforced disappearances. This is not a complete list of what the UN has found Russia guilty of in Crimea and with Civilian safety at the paramount of importance in Australian foreign relations Australia cannot abide the events taking place in Crimea.
    It is the hope of Australia that during this conference the DiSec committee may come to an agreement of which procedures must be followed to ensure that the Ukrainian people are not held hostage in their own country and a plan is developed to ensure a lasting peace in the region that is amiable to all of the involved parties.

  • avatar image
    Sam Streng November 14, 2018

    Committee: Disarmament and International Security
    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Republic of Uganda
    Delegate: Sam Streng, Forest Hills Northern

    Over the years Russia has gained a reputation for being very controlling, not only over its own people but over people of other nations. The Ukrainian conflict started in 2013 when then Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, decided not to join the European Union (EU) after a year of insisting he would and his acceptance of a $15 billion bailout from Russia. These actions triggered the Euromaidan protests. In response Yanukovych passed legislation that restricted Ukrainians rights of speech and assembly, he also deployed internal security forces causing the protests to become deadly. After the Ukrainian parliament removed him as president he fled to Crimea, an autonomous region of Ukraine. Days later the Russian parliament signed off on Vladimir Putin’s request to send Russian forces to Crimea. These unmarked, Russian speaking troops successfully annexed Crimea two weeks later. Ukraine claimed that this referendum was illegitimate, and they were backed by most of the world. Since the aggressions between Russia and Ukraine first started in 2014 over 11,000 people have been killed and 24,000 injured.
    In its prime, the British Empire had rule over about a quarter of the earth’s land mass. One of Great Britain’s protectorates during this time was the kingdom of Buganda, later called Uganda. In the late 1940’s Ugandan people began to rebel against British Colonial power for less British control and more representation in government. In 1958 Britain allowed Uganda to have internal self-government. In 1960 the British allowed elections in Uganda, and in 1962 they created the Independence Constitution and created a separate Ugandan government. In October of 1962, the United Nations formally recognized Uganda and admitted it as a member State.
    Uganda’s relations with Russia are still strong and unchanged. Russia is a key economic ally of Uganda. Uganda abstained from voting on a UN resolution that reaffirmed the unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Uganda also supports the independence of all nations who have gained independence through majority vote, like Crimea. We suggest that the United Nations holds another vote, in the region of Crimea, for independence from Ukraine and to be ruled by Russia. The vote on this proposed legislation should be protected by United Nation peacekeepers. If the citizens of Crimea vote to be annexed by Russia then the United Nations should formally recognize Crimea as an addition to Russia. If the citizens vote against annexation, then Russia will need to pull all forces out of Crimea in a given time frame. If Russian forces do not comply then the UN should implement strict restrictions on the Russian government.

  • Gmcevoy087
    Gmcevoy087 November 14, 2018

    Griffin McEvoy, Mattawan High School
    DISEC: Ukraine
    The relationship between Ukraine and Russia has degenerated greatly since Ukraines establishment in 1992. Multiple disputes and conflicts have occured because of disagreements between Ukrainians who support Russia, and those who support Ukraine. Although Ukraine is an independent nation, Russia still has a major influence over Ukraine’s political systems. To further the tensions of these two nations, Viktor Yanukovych acted as a puppet for Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin and enforced pro-russian policies. On top of these unfair decisions made by a bias puppet, the basic rights of the Ukranians such as the freedom of speech and assembly were denied. The mixture of Russia’s obvious control over Ukraine and the common “skirmish” raises the paradox of how to cease tensions between the two nations effectively.
    Similar to the Ukrainians, Turkey was also the product of the collapse of a political system. Ukraine was a product of the USSR while Turkey was a product of the Ottoman Empire. In 1945, Turkey became a charter member of the new United Nations even though it remained neutral in World War 2. The year of 1945 also ended the single party rule Turkey had grown accustomed to over the years. Communications with the western powers led to Turkey joining NATO in 1952, mostly because of the fear of the USSR. Turkeys past showed views of a religious military leaders, and the Turkish military shows itself as the supporter of the religious democracy in Turkey. Today Turkey is peaceful, although the eastern PKK has attempted to become self-governing since 1984. The PKK can be compared to the pro-russians because although they are citizens of a nation, the PKK strive to change their land to become apart of a different republic.
    One way to solve the issue of Russian troop advances is to divide the country into the conflicting groups. The Russian supporters could be given a smaller amount of land that would allow them to join Russia thus ending fear of a Russian invasion or possible governmental overthrow from pro-russian citizens.

  • Matteosp44
    Matteosp44 November 14, 2018

    Ukraine Conflict
    Matteo Papadopoulos

    In 2014, pro-Russian and anti-government sentiments were increasing among the Ukrainian population, especially in the east. In a matter of months, a Russian humanitarian convoy had crossed the Ukrainian border to establish the Donetsk People’s Republic, and the whole world was up in arms. The main area that was occupied was the Donbass, encompassing the eastern oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk, and the majority of the citizens were Russophones that supported Russia. The Ukrainian government then became very hostile, so Russia had no choice but to begin shelling areas of eastern Ukraine, damaging what would become land claimed by Russia. The Russians became furious at the Ukrainians and attacked.

    Iraq recognizes the grimness of the situation that Ukraine is faced with, and is very grateful for the aid in reconstruction following the Iraq War in 2003. Currently Iraq has more pressing domestic issues that must be addressed before Iraq can effectively help other countries. Iraq is unable to side with Ukraine, which has been much too hostile during this state of affairs. Furthermore, Iraq believes that the land that Russia annexed was rightfully theirs and was unjustly transferred from the Russian Federation during the Soviet Era. Iraq believes that Ukraine should yield the land to Russia in order to prevent ongoing conflict.

    Iraq would be in favor of witnessing the end of this horrific bloodshed in the countries of Ukraine and Russia. We strongly advise more developed and stable nations countries to step forward achieve a peaceful resolution that addresses the needs of all belligerents. Although attaining this somewhat far-fetched goal could be difficult, Iraq has faith that peace and stability will grace Ukrainian and Russian lands in the near future.

    Fisher, Max. “Everything You Need to Know about the Ukraine Crisis.”, Vox Media, 3 Sept. 2014,
    Hardy, Michael. “Stunning Photos of Ordinary Life in Ukraine’s Conflict Zone.” Wired, Conde Nast, 16 Oct. 2018,
    “Latest News.” Iraqi Embassy to Ukraine-Kiev, 26 Jan. 2018,
    “Ukraine in Crisis.” Council on Foreign Relations, Council on Foreign Relations, 25 Aug. 2014,

  • Sydneyconnors
    Sydneyconnors November 14, 2018

    Republic of India – Sydney Connors
    Royal Oak High School
    Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) – Topic A
    The Conflict in Ukraine

    The conflict in Ukraine is a wildly ambiguous international issue. The facets of this issue have been fractured among a variety of interests which have served to weaken the overall states of both Ukraine and Russia. It is disheartening that the encroachment of external nation’s interests have created the stark divide which we see amongst the Ukrainian people. Countries should act in the interest and with the will of their people, but when those interests and when the will of the people is not clearly defined, it fosters conflict of the nature we have seen here.The Republic of India wishes to see both of these states restored to peaceful and progressive nations, acting independently and autonomously. It is our duty as a body to establish the means for that to occur. Through the diffusion of tensions and support for Ukraine in resolving the internal conflicts that spurred this, DISEC has the potential to make a drastic situation much less so. It is the hope of India that this crisis will be resolved according to the will of the people, and with minimal interference from other international interests.

    Too often we are quick to lay blame on the situation to a singular nation. The Russian Federation and Republic of India have enjoyed bilateral relations and provided mutual support to each other throughout history. There is nothing to be gained from placing entire blame on one nation or another for the state of this conflict, because the source of this conflict lies in lies in the variations and conflict of the Ukrainian people. Intermittent with this conflict has been the heavy propagation of the population. In order for a vote of self-determination to occur impartially, this conflict must first be de-escalated and stabilized so as to provide better conditions for the reparations of both states. Self-determination is a major right and principle of the people of Ukraine, but the current instability is less than ideal for the conditions which would be required to bring it to a vote.

    The internal tumult of Ukrainian politics was the initial starting point for the conflict between their nation and Russia. Western propagation is partly to blame for the political divisions in Ukraine, and it should be reiterated that non-interference in a nation’s politics is an essential principle of sovereignty that should be constantly upheld. In our own region of Kashmir, India has seen much improvement in de-escalating tensions and fostering common understanding through the simplest of means: a bus. In order to integrate peaceful interaction between the Indians and Pakistanis, the Dehli-Lahore bus system, and subsequently the subsequent Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus continue to represent the desire of our nation’s for improved bilateral relations. A fluid system of interaction between the citizens of Russia and Ukraine, especially in the debated territory of Crimea, could be beneficial to the acknowledgement of their historical integration, while also providing a clear distinction between the two nations as independent bodies. Ethnicity and language on their own can not be the pre-determiners of geographical territory, though cultural variations within nations should be recognized, honored, and treated with impartiality in domestic and international policymaking.

    It is the sincerest hope of the Republic of India that this body will take into account the variety of structural aids which can be put in place to help these nations disentangle themselves from one another and resolve their differences. We look forward to the discourse of committee, with the motivation to find a common understanding which will promote global peace and prosperity for all.

  • HukasLultberg
    HukasLultberg November 14, 2018

    Tensions between Russians and Ukrainians have been high ever since the two countries started down seperate paths. Currently, with Russian forces and Ukrainian rebels ruthlessly fighting, the situation has become a global crisis. Russia has extreme influence on Ukraine, with Russian president Vladimir Putin pressuring the Ukrainian leadership into allowing Russian military into their country. The bloody war between the two sides needs to be ended peacefully.
    Guatemala recognizes Ukraine as its own country. Violence in the country has been a problem for a long time, and has been growing recently due to problems with Russia. We suggest that Russia remove the troops it has stationed in Ukraine and relinquish some of its influence on the politics of the nation. This will hopefully end the unnecessary bloodshed between loyalists and rebels in the young country.
    Guatemala wants Ukraine to be a peaceful place, safe from conflict within its borders. With the tensions between Russian loyalists and Ukrainian rebels continuing to rise, something must be done to stop the fighting. Hopefully by withdrawing from Ukraine, Russia can halt the violence in the young nation.

  • avatar image
    Tyson Heckelman November 14, 2018

    Bolivia’s stance on the issue involving Ukraine with russia stands so that we should interfere with the two countries before anything out of our control can happen causing rising conflicts between the two neighboring countries. The DISEC community from Bolivia stands to that we should send for Russia to take all of their troops back into their own land leaving Ukraine while, Ukraine does not do anything back in revolt or for revenge. Though our standings with Ukraine are mutual our relations with russia will not play a major factor in this overall dispute and we align ourselves with Ukraine and saying that if the nation does not want to be annexed than they should have their rights to refuse Russia’s attempt of annexation of their territory. In this stating that Russia does not have the right to take the land that was claimed as their own as a new nation and they can’t claim this land without the willingness of the nation and even if forced Russia still would need acceptance from the Ukrainian Government in this proclaimed annexation. Though in April 18 of 1945 the bolivian embassy in Russia was created with diplomatic intentions with russia it can be argued that the true help needed here is for Ukraine and that we need to stand up for their right to refuse the annexation of their land to russia, therefore arguing that with Russia sending troops into the young nation is completely unrealistic in this sense. And with that Ukraine is in the right with there refusal to Russia’s annexation of their land.

  • Jarichards
    Jarichards November 14, 2018

    Committee : Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Topic Area : Ukraine
    Country : Japan
    Delegate : Joseph Richards
    Vicksburg High School

    It is well known by the international community that Ukraine fought and earned their independence from the USSR on August 24, 1991. It is also known that ever since Ukraine declared its independence that it has suffered numerous attempts by Russia to be reclaimed under the countries control. Japan has firmly supported Ukraines independence from the USSR since December 28, 1991. Immediately after Ukraines breakup with the USSR, Japan established full diplomatic relations with Ukraine on January 26, 1992. Japan has continued to pledge its full support for the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, going so far as to place sanctions on Russia. However, Japan has also maintained its commitment to peaceful solutions, supporting no significant military efforts. In addition to sanctions on Russia, Japan also provided 1.5 billion dollars in monetary funding to the government of Ukraine.

    It is Japan’s firm belief that avoiding further military conflict is critical to ensuring the safety of civilians and maintaining Ukraines independence. Japan supports any resolution that avoids all forms of forceful interference and provides a peaceful solution between Russia and Ukraine.

  • DiegoZoll
    DiegoZoll November 14, 2018

    Committee: Disarmament and International Security
    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Colombia

    Colombia recognizes the independence of Ukraine from the Russian government and has shown that through the establishment of consulates in both countries. The war between the Ukrainian military and Russian-backed separatists have left Ukrainian citizens in undesired danger since April 2014. The Colombian government urges the United Nations to assist in the protection of innocent civilians and the mediation of conflict in order to attain international peace. Any hostile intervention on the part of Russia that endangers or directly harms any innocent Ukrainian civilian must be resolved.

    The unnecessary mistreatment of civilians and hostile takeover techniques should be put to an immediate end. The Colombian government endorses any resolution that creates a peaceful, non-militaristic approach to the conflict between the countries of Ukraine and Russia. The United Nations should uphold it’s standards for civilian treatment and world peace by joining arms with Colombia in protecting civilian lives.

  • Cameron
    Cameron November 15, 2018

    Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Russian Federation
    Delegate: Cameron Holtman

    We, the great Russian Federation are deeply concerned about our brother to the west, Ukraine. Ever since the state broke free from the late USSR’s government it seems to be that this state has been in complete chaos. It seems that independence is not suiting Ukraine very well at this time. All we, the great Russian Federation, want is our neighboring countries to succeed and so far, there hasn’t been much success from Ukraine. Their GDP is low (112 Billion USD), and their Gini Index is low (25 Index score).

    This state is not a nation. Their imagined community is broken with multiple cross-cutting cleavages causing riots and unrest in their population. This state has a national identity more akin to the Russian Federation. Their most commonly used language is Russian, their food is Russian, their religion is Russian. This state has the national identity of Russia and because of this, the mass majority of Ukraine will be drawn to our great nation. This can be most seen through the referendum vote given in Crimea where over ninety-five percent of the population voted to join the great Russian Federation. The claim that the vote is invalid is a false one as we did not force or coerce any person to vote in favor or not in favor of joining us, the greatest nation. The best course of action DISEC can take would be to hold a country-wide referendum vote called the Referendum to End Every Fight (R.E.E.F) for joining the great Russian Federation. This vote will most likely split Ukraine into two again, but as with countries like Ireland, sometimes this is necessary. East Ukraine is the North Ireland to the U.K. We have been fighting enough, all those willing to join us, the great Russian Federation, from Ukraine, you are all welcome with open arms. Come, brother, it is time for us to put down arms and join together hand in hand. I hope that all of you will support the great Russian Federation and our wonderful R.E.E.F plan.

  • avatar image
    Jane Swartz November 15, 2018

    Jane Swartz
    Committee: Disarment and International Security Committee
    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Guyana

    The current climate of the country Ukraine is very tense. As the country enters the fifth year of a war that’s killed at least 10,000 people and displaced almost two million, it must be made crucial to find some means to an end. There have been no actions taken by the Guyanese government to contribute to an end towards the war. The delegation believes that Russia should remove their troops from the country, allowing Ukraine’s government to proceed with a course of action deemed fit by them and this council.

  • JSkura
    JSkura November 15, 2018

    Country: Libya
    Committee: DISEC
    School: Kalamazoo Central
    Topic: Ukraine
    Delegate: John Skuratowicz
    On February 20, 2014, the Russian Federation intervened in the Crimean Peninsula, an intervention involving many Russian military assets along with thousands of Russian military personnel. Pro-Russian sentiments in the region run high, dating back to the fall of the USSR in 1991. As of 2001, about 60% of the population in the peninsula is Russian. This is a major cause for this intervention. Libya has been a long-time ally of Russia, dating back to the 1970’s and the former USSR. As a long-time ally and trade partner, we will provide our full support to any actions undertaken by the Russian Federation.
    Libya recognizes the danger to civilians within the conflict zone, and as such suggests that the United Nations recognizes the Crimean Peninsula as the sovereign territory of the Russian Federation. This is as a means to minimize the impact to the civilian population. Libya has first-hand experienced the horrors of armed conflict and wishes for a swift resolution of the issue.

  • Williamrmathias
    Williamrmathias November 15, 2018

    Committee: Disarmament and International Security
    Topic: Ukraine
    Country: Croatia
    William Mathias
    Forest Hills Northern

    In 1991, Ukraine officially declared independence from the Soviet Union. A large portion of ethnic and cultural Russians living in Ukraine, most notably in the easternmost portion, has led to some conflict over the territorial border integrity of Ukraine. According to a Ukrainan census record in 2001, almost 18% of Ukraine’s population is considered Russian. These ethnic divisions have led to conflict, most recently over the situation in Crimea. Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014 via an illegal referendum held in Crimea without the consent of the Ukranian government.
    Relations between Croatia and Ukraine have always been good. In 1991, which was the year when both Croatia and Ukraine declared themselves as independent nations, Ukraine became the first UN member state to recognize Croatia as an independent country. Croatia and Ukraine quickly established diplomatic relationships the following year. Croatia firmly believes in the territorial integrity of Ukraine and was offended by the illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. In the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262, Croatia voted to declare Russia’s annexation as invalid.
    In this conference, Croatia hopes to see that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is resolved by removing the strong presence of the Russian government in Ukrainian territory and working to see that Crimea is rightfully restored back to Ukraine.

  • Sophiapapp
    Sophiapapp November 15, 2018

    November 12, 2018
    Syrian Arab Republic
    Disarmament and International Security
    Royal Oak High School
    Sophia Papp

    Since Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Russian influence has continued to penetrate the nation, especially in Ukraine’s eastern region of Donbass. Due to the extensive historical ties and the close proximity to the Russian border, many citizens in this region identify with Russian culture and are willing to defend their Russian roots. The question of cultural identity over nationality has split the nation and led to armed conflict. Despite the Minsk II agreement of 2015, conflict and territory disputes remain.

    Syria has found a powerful ally in the Russian Federation and values our political relationship. We support President Putin in his political interests, and therefore believe that Russia is justified in their intervention, annexing of Crimea, and pursuit of the unification of ethnic Russian peoples. As shown by the Crimean referendum vote in 2014 (1), there is great local support for Russia annexing Crimea, justifying the need for a change in the status of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

    Syria desires a resolution that will address two pressing issues: ending the armed conflict between Ukrainian forces and Russian backed rebels for the safety of civilians and negotiating a long-term territory agreement. In terms of ending armed conflict, enforcing the ceasefires and withdrawal of forces as called upon by the Minsk agreement are in our best interests (2). Even so, in order to support the Minsk agreement in whole, revisions on territory and power matters must be made. Syria supports a split of Ukraine, Crimea and the eastern, ethnically Russian portion to be annexed by Russia, and the western, Eurocentric half to remain under the Ukraine government. Syria believes this to be the only solution that will satisfy the Russian Federation, ending the conflict, and allowing Ukraine to move forwards in the development of a secure and prosperous nation.

    Syria is loyal to our Russian ally, but in the interest of facilitating long term peace, we recognize the need to balance our loyalties and morals. Syria looks forwards to addressing the issues of armed conflict and territory disputes and developing a comprehensive resolution.

  • Superadmin
    Superadmin November 15, 2018

    Topic: Ukraine
    Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Country: Chile
    Delegate: Christopher Ban
    In 2014, the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine. Nearing five years, this is the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union that Ukrainian sovereignty has been encroached upon. Displacing 1.7 million people and killed tens of thousands of people and injured more, this is an issue which affects all nations, especially those that have relations with either or both countries involved.
    The Republic of Chile stands behind its allies with their actions taken against Ukraine. The Republic of Chile has voted on the international stage to not recognize Russian claims to the territory and uphold international law, standing alongside other nations such as the United States of America and Western European countries. The Republic of Chile also stated the intention to work towards a peaceful resolution of the crisis.
    The Republic of Chile firmly believes that a peaceful resolution is the optimal resolution to the Crimean Question. The Republic of Chile firmly believes that meeting military force with military force would have the potential to spiral into a larger military conflict, and as such, restates the intention that the Republic of Chile seeks peaceful resolution. The Republic of Chile calls for Ukrainian sovereignty to be respected and, at the least, an effective ceasefire be signed that can have a lasting impact to allow for diplomatic talks to open up.
    The Republic of Chile looks to reaching a cooperative solution with DISEC and working to end this crisis.

    General Assembly Adopts Resolution Calling Upon States Not To Recognize Changes In Status Of Crimea Region | Meetings Coverage And Press Releases. 27 Mar. 2018,

    General Assembly Approves Michelle Bachelet Of Chile As United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights | Meetings Coverage And Press Releases. UN, 10 Aug. 2018,

    Chile Country Profile. BBC News, 12 Apr. 2018,

    Government, U. Chile. U.S. Department Of State, 16 Feb. 2018,

  • Superadmin
    Superadmin November 15, 2018

    COUNTRY: China
    NAME: Carolina González Suástegui SCHOOL: Instituto Educativo Olinca
    Currently the situation in Ukraine has become critical, as the independence of this country and the membership of some territories to it has arisen a series of conflicts between this state and the Russian Federation. It has become a worldwide conflict as many other countries such as the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom, among others, have already intervened.

    China is aware of this conflict and is deeply worried about all the civilian casualties in which it has already resulted and it is sure that an immediate solution should be found as promptly as possible. It also believes that this conflict is an internal affair that should only be solved by those countries that are directly affected by it; and that although the support of the international community is important in order to find the most suitable solution, the direct help of those countries that are not directly involved should only be provided if it is deemed strictly necessary. Furthermore it considers that the best way to solve said conflict is to avoid any more armed confrontations between the parties involved. In addition it firmly believes that it is of great importance to solve the conflict in Ukraine in the most peaceful and diplomatic way posible. In order to do so China would like to highlight the fact that for this to be viable it would be of extreme importance that the parties involved abide by the ceasefire regime.

    In case the diplomatic talks did not take the right course, and only if it is required by any of the parties, China is willing to help and enter into these peaceful talks, intervining as less as possible and with the only objective of helping both sides to get to a suitable solution in the most diplomatic way posible.

    Taking into consideration the critical situation that is taking place at the moment, China encourages both parties involved to come to an agreement that is beneficial for all as soon as posible; but most importantly, always in the most peaceful manner. It is of the utmost importance that this agreement should be conformed not only by short-term solutions but also by long-term ones. China sincerely hopes that this conflict comes to an end soon.

  • Autumn
    Autumn November 16, 2018

    Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Topic: Protecting Civilians in Conflict Zones
    Country: Republic of the Union of Myanmar
    Delegate: A.J. Macon

    The tensions between Russia and Ukraine are currently at a peak of intensity. The violence between the nations has escalated to a point of international distress. The last thing that is needed is an unnecessary civil war, when most countries view Ukraine as being independent, while the country at hand is debating itself. The Eastern part of Ukraine is pro-Russian — fairly as the people are ethnically and culturally Russian — the current government is anti-annex. Parts of the UN are split, as countries geographically close to Russia disagree with their idea of annexing Ukraine, after the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Some allies of Russia, on the other hand, agree with their movements, and even some promises to annex Ukraine.

    Myanmar believes that the Autonomous Republic of Crimea should be under Russian governmental control. A majority of Eastern Ukraine agrees, this is caused by the majority of Ukraine to be culturally, and ethnically Russian. Currently in Ukraine Myanmar only has an Honorary Consulate Embassy, and our relations are almost non-existent. We have a stronger diplomatic relationship with Russia and have been supporting Myanmar since the Soviet Union. Plus they have more cause to annex at least part of Eastern Ukraine.

    The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is willing to work with any other country to find some kind of resolutions to the issues between Russia and Ukraine, preferably ones that don’t endanger the citizens of either country. One proposal could be the idea of annexing part of eastern Ukraine, decided by a vote from its citizens. Most of this area is pro-Russian, and if the people want this they would call and vote for it. Myanmar as a country would try our best to try and convince Russia to at least open up to some type of solution proposal. We have along with a sum of other countries allied with Russia hopefully will have some type of influence to end all of this in a peaceful and non-threatening way. The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is looking forward to coming together with other delegates and resolve this issue as best we can.

  • Wasshen
    Wasshen November 16, 2018

    Henry Wassink
    Ukraine Conflict
    During the midst of the cold war, Cuba was under the influence, and in many ways controlled by the powerful Russian government. Currently, in Ukraine, Russia is oppression and influencing Ukraine to go back under Russian Control. The majority of Ukrainians strongly oppose the idea of being under Russian rule. While Ukrainians attempt to westernize and seperate themselves from Russia, Russian-backed separatist rebels have started a war against western seeking Ukrainians. 10,000 civilians have died as a result, and the debate for land between Russia and Ukraine continues to dominate the region. As a result, it is necessary that the UN becomes involved, increasing its involvement in the region and support Ukrainians by defending Ukrainian land and imposing penalties against Russia as a result of the conflict.
    Just like Cuba was during the cold war, Ukraine is controlled by Russia. In Cuba, this sparked lots of social conflict between fellow Cubans and even foreign countries who felt threatened by the Russian influence. As a result, Cuba was damaged forever by the tensions caused by the Russian Government, ultimately leading to an economic crisis following an embargo. The situation that plagued Cuba is very similar to the current situation in Ukraine, where Ukraine is damaged and controlled by power hungry Russia. In order to provide continuous freedom and safety to Ukraine and its citizens, it is vital that the United Nations ups there influence in the area. In order to prevent Russia from oppression and attacking Ukraine, the UN should create a set of regulations and penalize Russia for the conflict caused in the region. The UN also most promote western movements to the citizens of Ukraine in order to push them away from Russia and propel them into a progressive movement. In order to combat the war territory created by Russian-backed separatist rebels, the UN must demilitarize this terror organization and provide financial support and resources to the region in order to get Ukraine back on its feet.

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